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Betting as a whole, and football betting specifically, is not an easy task. There is a wide range of things that are involved and sometimes, it is not very easy to comprehend. There are various types of bet which include, 90-minute bets, single bets, double bets, accumulator bets, trebles and so on. Those types mentioned, are much easier to play than the Yankees, Trixies, Lucky 15's, Correct Score Parents and the likes. To know why then proceed to read the following points.


Of all the others, this is the most common form of betting there is. Basically, it involves predicting which team, among the two opposing teams, will win the match. It is also possible to predict a draw, but then for tray bet to be a win, the game has to end in a draw. With that information, we can see that there are three betting outcomes involved in this one. You can either bet a win, a loss or a draw. One is given a single wager wherein one has to make a prediction as to the game outcome.


This kind of betting is kind of like the single 90-minute betting style. In a double bet, one is given the chance to predict the outcome of two different football matches.


Similarly to the double bet, this betting involves the selection of three teams as opposed to the two teams selected in the double bet. If you bet that the teams will win, and all three of them win, then you have won as well.


In the case when one had chosen more than three games and predicted outcomes, it is now known as an accumulator bet. In that regard, a bet involving four, five or six teams is known as an accumulator bet or sometimes, a three, four, or six-fold bet as the case may be. The odds associated with the options selected are all multiplied and that helps determine the amount you stand to win. People who make these kinds of bets stand the risk of losing the entire bet if even just one team does not match the predicted outcome.


It is common to see an accumulator bet on afternoons on Saturday. On one accumulator bet, there may be many teams. As the number of teams involved in the bet increases, then the amount that stands to be won, increases as well. Conversely though, the more the teams involved, the higher the risk of loss involved as well.


For this type of betting, one can bet a low amount and then stand the chance to win a very high amount when compared to the amount that was bet initially.


When betting on the more popular teams, the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea and so on, and it so happens that their opponents are average to low teams, then the chances of winning are higher. Therefore, if you bet a win for all the bigger, better teams against the smaller teams, the amount you stand a chance of winning is low, even compared to the amount used in betting.

Looking at this, one can see that betting is both simple and complex, depending on how deep you want to go, and the type of bet you intend to place. For more insight, feel free to check out


For accomplished bettors and even some not-so-accomplished ones, they all know that when you bet on sports, the ones who usually profit are the bookmakers as their odds are rather efficient most of the time. To that effect, there's an old saying that goes thus, "The House Always Wins." Personally speaking, it is a bit unwise for people to rely on sports betting as a main source of income. That being said, I am also of the opinion that sports betting makes things a lot more interesting and enjoyable. When it comes to sports betting, one problem to note comes from how much you intend to bet. As an example, if perhaps, you place a small amount that results in a win for you, while you may feel good a bit, sometimes, it will feel like a waste of opportunity.


When I want to bet, the plan is to lose a little or win a lot. I came across one reasonable way to ensure winning recently and it is called the Progressive Parlay System. Now, in order to disambiguate, a Parlay system is a system where you choose a given amount of games, which in many cases are up to 12 and it rewards betters who are successful, with a large payout. As an example, a bettor may pick four games in a four-team parlay and in that bet, the bettor will be predicting that the four bets will be winners. If however, even one of the four bets fails to come out as predicted, the bettor then loses the parlay, but on the other hand, if the bets are all winners, then the bettor gets a much payout which is usually about 10-1 in the case of a four-team parlay win, than if he had made those same bets, but separately. With a parlay, the payout is incredible, but then the risk of loss is also very high.


The Progressive Parlay, as mentioned earlier, works a bit differently. In this form of betting the payouts are not as high as in the normal parlay, but as compensation, you can afford to get some of the bets wrong. This betting strategy sort of insures your bet and in the end is definitely worth it.


Below is a table of the payout for The Progressive Parlay

All selections win

4 Teams

5/1- 0 losses

1/1- 1 loss

5 Teams

11/1- 0 losses

2/1- 1 loss

6 Teams

20/1- 0 losses

9/2- 1 loss

7 Teams

40/1- 0 losses

4/1- 1 loss

1/2- 2 losses

8 Teams

75/1- 0 losses

10/1- 1 loss

2/1- 2 losses

9 Teams

150/1- 0 losses

20/1- 1 loss

5/2- 2 losses

10 Teams

250/1- 0 losses

25/1- 1 loss

3/1- 2 losses

1/1- 3 losses

11 Teams

400/1- 0 losses

60/1- 1 loss

5/1- 2 losses

1/1- 3 losses

12 Teams

900/1- 0 losses

80/1- 1 loss

10/1- 2 losses

3/1- 3 losses


 When you inspect the chart, it is not hard to see that if you were to miss one game out of four, two out of seven or even perhaps, three out of ten selections, you still end up making money. To get the best odds, one would need to pick 10 because then, you will be allowed to miss 30 percent of your selections and still end up winning in the end. And in the case where you make all 10 bets, then you stand a chance of making about 250 times the initial amount you bet. In that case, imagine you were to bet say, $10 and then you pick those 10 games. If 7 of them turn out to be right, then you would win about $20. If 8 turn out to be right, then you would win about $30 and if the number is 9, then you would win $250 and then, a whopping $2500 if all 10 games turn out to be right. Granted, it is not easy for all 10 bets to come out correct, but note that this is just from a bet of $10.